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What’s New at Altitude?!

Article By Adam Hurwood | | General News

What’s New at Altitude?!

| General News

It’s been a huge start to the new financial year at Altitude with our company turning 10 and having been granted our own Financial Services licence. On top of these great achievements, as many of you will already have noticed, we have also launched our fresh branding, sleek new website and an all new blog and social media strategy. Keep reading for an overview.

1. Social Media

You can now find and follow us on more social media platforms. Click below to see our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so that you can start to follow us. We post weekly blog articles on various accounting, financial planning and technology topics that we feel are relevant to our clients. PLUS, throughout the week we also post quick and helpful tips – these can be anything from due date reminders, warnings or handy tips.

2. Website

Our new website was in the works for many months as we tried to get it just right. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look around our new site yet, please do so; we are so pleased with our modern design.

3. Blog

As mentioned above, we post weekly articles on our blog. These articles are written by our knowledgeable advisers on topics that we feel will provide value and insight to our clients. We feel that writing content with YOU in mind is the best way to reach our goal of helping you achieve your financial freedom.

4. Newsletter

Our monthly email newsletter – Freedom News – has had a facelift and is still sent directly to your inbox with a re-cap of each article that was posted on our blog over the last month. If you aren’t receiving these newsletters, please subscribe to our mailing list here – you won’t be disappointed!

If you ever come across an article you wish to know more about, or if you have your own topic or tip that you think we should mention on one of our platforms, please don’t hesitate to contact your Altitude Adviser to discuss further.