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Act Today: Queensland Government Grants for Small Business

Article By Brent Charlton | | General News

Queensland Government providing funding to support Small Businesses

Details of the new Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program have just been released, and we are urging all of our business clients to investigate whether they are eligible to receive the $10,000 on offer to help support them in either reopening after forced closure, or simply transitioning to a new way of doing business following the shutdown restrictions that had been imposed.

Applicable uses of the funding are quite broad compared to some previous Grants on offer, and can be used for anything from professional advice & planning, to digital systems, custom software development, training, and marketing tools such as a new website or other content. The other great news is that unlike previous Grants, this one is not a 50/50 split where they will only pay up to half the cost, but rather it is a 100% coverage for the incurred costs.

If you have not already set your business up to be fully remote-enabled, as automated as possible, or as up to date as it could be using the latest technologies, now is the time to make a move – when the QLD Government is willing to foot most, if not all of the cost!

Full details of the Grant and the exact eligibility criteria which should be considered can be found here:

The Grant is on a first in first served basis, therefore we encourage all clients to contact either Brent, Jeff or James to discuss your eligibility and to brainstorm your business improvement and digital enhancement options.