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Altitude’s Partnership with Lovewell Foundation

Article By Brent Charlton | | General News

We’re thrilled to share with you all, that this year we have had the privilege of joining hands with the incredible Lovewell Foundation on a journey dedicated to empowering women and reshaping lives.

A Haven of Empowerment

Based in Mt Gravatt, not far from our Altitude office, Lovewell Foundation focuses on standing beside women who are on a journey to reclaim their lives. These women come from diverse backgrounds, overcoming challenges such as homelessness, addiction, and more. Lovewell is not just a foundation; it’s a family that welcomes, respects, and empowers women, encouraging them to embrace independence through training and employment opportunities.

Our Heartfelt Partnership

As part of our ongoing commitment to social impact, we’re delighted to share that we’ve recently partnered with Lovewell Foundation to donate our time and provide Financial and Accounting services to the women they work with. Our hope is to ease the stress and anxiety surrounding any outstanding tax work, and by participating in Lovewell’s Better Futures workshops throughout the year, we aim to help provide these women with the core foundation and tools of financial literacy that will help ensure lifelong, effective money management.

Three Pillars of Hope: Rebuilding Lives with Lovewell

Lovewell Foundation operates on the Three Pillars of Hope:

  • Re-Set – Healing, Wellness and Recovery
  • Re-Build – Training, Employment and Mentoring
  • Re-Connect – Family, Relationships, Social and Fun

These pillars are the foundation of their service, embodying recovery-focused, strengths-based, and trauma-informed frameworks. Lovewell ensures that every woman they support feels heard, valued, and empowered.

Lovewell: A Café with A Purpose

Have you heard about Lovewell Cafe? It’s not just a cafe; it’s a magical space where dreams are brewed, and lives are transformed. In partnership with Lovewell Foundation, this social enterprise isn’t just about serving delightful coffee and food; it’s a safe haven and community where women are supported to rebuild their lives and discover their purpose. By choosing the Lovewell Cafe, you’re making a conscious decision to support women, one delicious sip at a time. And guess what? The Lovewell Cafe is now ready to host your private functions and events, adding a touch of purpose to your celebrations!

The Lovewell Cafe is available for your next function, be it a birthday, corporate lunch, Christmas party or family celebration.

Situated just 20 minutes south of the Brisbane CBD with panoramic views.

No matter what the occasion, they will ensure your event is planned and executed exactly how you’d like and with a wonderful unique view of Brisbane, your party is ensured to be a success.

Offering a delicious range of cocktail platters to enhance your event, they can also tailor the event space, furniture arrangement and food offerings based on your needs.

Lovewell’s function events coordinator is there to help you with your function requirements every step of the way.

*Licensed to BYO Alcohol.

Get in touch with the team now at or 0421 990 383 for a friendly chat, and start planning the event you’ve always wanted.

If this sounds like a cause you would like to support, head over to the café, keep it in mind for your next function, or even visit their website to make a much-appreciated donation to help fund their future events and workshops, which work to help these women to better their futures.