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Latest Scam Now Targeting Anyone Who Has Dealings with ASIC

Article By Adam Hurwood | | Accounting & Tax
Last month we were raising awareness about a new method Scammers had been using to try and get you to part with your hard earned dollars by impersonating the ATO and threatening prosecution, to refresh your memory, the Article can be found here – It May Not be the ATO Calling!

A positive out of that new and emerging threat (probably the only positive) is it could be taken as a sign that the repeated warnings by every security expert out there of how to immediately spot a dodgy email scam might have finally been paying off and we have all forced these scammers into trying new approaches to fleece us of our funds.

Unfortunately though, it would appear that the email based threats are very much still alive and well, with a recent scam campaign catching out both businesses and individuals by having them pay an Invoice that was never requested or required.

The Email Subject shows as “Request for ASIC Correspondence Reprint”, and appears to be coming from a legitimate email address through a method known as ‘spoofing’ (an explanation of how this is technically possible will need to be a whole other article for another time).

By following the links presented in the email, the victim is then presented with an ‘Overdue’ Invoice requesting online payment, or alternatively, a link to download the Invoice to pay later – though obviously that payment will never reach ASIC.

Of course, our advice for this is the same as any email claiming to provide you with something you have previously requested, whether it is from a Government Department or not – delete it!

Another easy way to protect yourself from this particular scam (and any others targeting ASIC Clients in future) is to have your Accounting Adviser manage your professional relationship with ASIC on your behalf. This then arms you with the prior knowledge that if there was an amount owed to ASIC, they would be the ones making you aware of that fact and providing you with the official, legitimate Invoice for payment, making it easier for you to know you can safely delete any emails purporting to come from ASIC, as there should be no way then for them to have your email address.

If you wish to discuss this further or think you may have received one of these ‘invoices’, please contact your Altitude Adviser.