James Mills — Business Innovations Manager

After 5½ Years as the Business Manager of Altitude I was responsible for getting our systems, processes, and integrations working more efficiently. Having done this successfully I am now applying those many years of experience in Business/Operations Management and Innovations/Technology to assist our business Clients in doing the same.

I revel in the opportunity to work with businesses who are looking for solutions to maximise their own use of technology, improve their processes and integrate their systems. I want to provide our clients with advice on where they should consider investing their technology spend to make their businesses more profitable, easier to operate, and with a healthier work/life balance.

Fields of Experience

Technical (Business Innovations Manager, Information Technology Manager, Junior Technician) – 6 Years

Business Management (Business Manager, Practice Operations Manager, Operations Manager) – 8 Years

Sales (Technical Account Manager, Account Manager, Sales Coordinator) – 3 Years