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Why you should Future Proof your Business Communications

Article By James Mills | | Technology Consulting

With all of the talk of the NBN accelerating the decommissioning of the ISDN & Copper Networks being used by the majority of small businesses in Australia, it is understandable that a lot of these businesses are concerned over what these changes will do to the primary method of their Customers contacting them – their office phone.

Thankfully though, there is a change that you can make right now to one of your most critical systems that doesn’t require a tremendous upfront outlay, or a huge investment in re-training/upskilling – and can typically be done with little to no downtime or interruption to users. And the best part of all: it doesn’t require you to sign up to the sub-standard, oversubscribed NBN network in order to take advantage of the cost savings now.

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is not a new technology. In fact, the ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ used for the majority of VOIP communications in this day and age was developed almost 20 years ago. Recently however, it has gained worldwide popularity as more and more countries look to decommission their degraded Analogue/PSTN Copper Lines, and more and more businesses look to save on their increasingly expensive ‘Line Rental’ – and instead invest that into better internet connection.

Apart from saving on Line Rental, call costs using VoIP Plans are also substantially lower – particularly when calling STD, International, or Mobiles, as these connections are made using data packets over long distances rather than dedicated voice lines which are more expensive to lease/use.

Probably the best reason to switch to a VoIP system however, is that the configuration & programming of your Handsets and PBX (the core of a phone system which determines what happens when a call comes in) can be carried out by anyone with an average level of IT skills – rather than having to pay expensive dedicated telephone technicians with their proprietary software that you can never get access to.

If you are keen to see your business reaping the benefits of making the switch to VoIP, contact the Innovations Team for an obligation free review of your existing phone system and telecommunications expenses.