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How Much Did We Raise??

Article By Adam Hurwood | | General News

Throughout 2016 our company was supporting Mater Little Miracles and all of the tiny newborns in the neonatal critical care unit.

One in every 7 Queenslanders are born at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital and on any given night the Neonatal Critical Care Unit looks after up to 79 babies, some born as early as 24 weeks and weighing less than a bottle of water; too small or too sick to go home. These little babies needed our help and we did the best we could by participating in the two 5K charity walks for Mater and by holding several morning teas throughout 2016.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach our goal of raising $1,500 but we are enormously proud of our efforts and are happy to announce that we at least made it over half way with a total of … $885.

Thank you to all of our staff who were able to participate in the events and to all of our generous friends, clients and family who were able to make a donation. We greatly appreciate your support, and the words of encouragement left when making your donations.

Here’s hoping we beat our 2016 total this year while supporting a new charity which will be announced soon!

Written by Stacie Crabb